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Registering as a Merit-Award Judge

14 Dec. 2017 News
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To register your interest in merit-award judging at BASEF, and be added to the judges email list, please fill in all of the required fields in the form below and then click the "Submit" button at the end of the form.

Are you a special-awards judge? If so, you do not fill out this form. Judges who will be evaluating projects for one or more Special Awards donated by a sponsor will be contacted by a Special Awards Coordinator; you can reach the Special Awards committee at .

After you submit the form, if you indicate you are available for this year, you will be entered into our Judges list and you will receive more information shortly (including training info, directions, and parking details).  If you have any additional questions, or find out you are not available on Judging day, please email the Judge in Chief at .

In order to better assign judges to projects, we ask for information on your Post-Secondary education, and details regarding your judging preferences. The Sub-Division groupings are based on the types of projects we typically see. We will try to assign you to your preferred or alternate Division and Sub-Division, but this is dependent upon the mix of judges and projects we have to work with.

We strongly encourage new judges to attend a Judge's Training session.  We will send more details once you are registered.

If student, please enter school. If retired, please enter "Retired", and previous employment.
Please select an Alternate Judging Subdivision from a DIFFERENT DIVISION from your Preferred Subdivision choice.
A "floating" judge replaces judges in any division who are unable to attend on judging day. (Experienced Judges only, please)
We encourage every new judge to attend a Merit Judges training seminar. These are 2 hours long, and offered several times before the fair.
I am interested in assisting with Project Safety Checks. (Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 4pm - 9pm). You will be asked to attend a 2 hour Safety training session.
I am interested in helping with Scientific and Ethics Reviews for student projects. (We will contact you with more details.)
We need 8 people to Lead and manage the group of judges assigned to each Division. (Experienced Merit Judges only, please.)
Will there be a relative, a student you have taught or mentored, or other potential conflict of interest with a student participant in BASEF? If Yes, you must provide details, including names in the Comments section below.
We often get requests before and after the fair from students looking for mentors or advisors. Indicate if you are available to help out in this way, and our Volunteer Coordinators will get in touch.
Judging Day is THURSDAY, March 22nd, 2018, all day (from 8:30AM to 4:30PM) at Mohawk College, Fennell Avenue, Hamilton. By submitting this form, you understand and agree to the uses of the information you have supplied to BASEF, as outlined in the BASEF Privacy Policy.