Are you looking for a mentor to answer questions or provide assistance with your project?

Are you a post-secondary student or industry mentor looking to help out a science fair student?

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Science Fair Students looking for assistance:

If you are student (Elementary or High School) and are looking for assistance with your Science Fair Project, please fill out this form and we will match you with a mentor to guide you through the process.
Some information to note before filling out this form:
– A Parent or Guardian MUST be present for all of your in-person sessions
– The Parent or Guardian must make the arrangements with the mentor
– If there are any questions or concerns please email

Post-Secondary Students and Industry Mentors:

Would you like to Mentor a BASEF Student?
We are looking for University/College/Professional individuals that would like to give back and help the young scientists of tomorrow come up with new and exciting ideas! Please fill out the form and we will get back to you shortly.

Some information before you decide:
– The parent or guardian of the the student must be present during all in-person meetings as a safety precaution
– This is a volunteer opportunity and reference letters can be available upon request
– It is your responsibility to set-up the meeting with the Parent/Guardian directly
– It is your responsibility to follow through with your commitment, if there are any problems please email