Who inspires and encourages your kids?

There are some amazing teachers in our community who help students prepare for the Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair as well as school and board fairs. BASEF initiated the Champion Teacher Recognition Awards to recognize and honour teachers who go above and beyond expectations in their efforts to teach students how to do project-based science and to mentor them as they prepare their projects for BASEF. A panel of BASEF Organizing Committee members select the Champion Teacher Recognition Award winners from among those nominated online by their peers, parents and students. In the inaugural year, three were selected to receive the Champion Teacher Recognition Award for 2011. Each winner receives a plaque and a cash award to be used in their classroom.

2018 Inductee

Faiza El-Hales, 2018 Champion Teacher

Faiza El-Hales

Al-Falah Islamic School

“She is always encouraging her students to do new and innovative science experiments, and always encouraging them…”

“Ms. El-Hales has constantly been a champion of academia and student success. I have never seen a teacher work as tirelessly as she does and it is an inspiration for me and our school.”

“She deserves the recognition and award because of her excellent teaching and amazing care and compassion towards her students.”

“Ms. El-Hales has been actively supporting students and their science fair experiments, and always pushes students to apply to the BASEF science fair.”

2017 Inductee

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

St. Joseph School,
Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board

“…has always encourage anyone and everyone to attend BASEF”

2016 Inductee

Frank Macchiusi, 2016 Champion Teacher

Frank Macchiusi

Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts

The Hamilton Academy of Performing Arts is an independent day school that combines the development of artistic abilities in the performing arts with the Ontario academic curriculum. Frank’s students credit him with fostering an interest in science and participating in BASEF.

2015 Inductees

Sonja Greene and Lenora Maracle, 2015 Champion Teachers

Sonja Greene and Lenora Maracle

J.C. Hill Elementary,
Six Nations

These teachers initiated a program to encourage their students’ interest in science by relating science to familiar aspects of their indigenous culture. Their dedication to developing their students’ competitive science project skills is worthy of high praise.

2014 Inductee

Ingrid Munson, 2014 Champion Teacher

Ingrid Munson

Maple Grove Public School,
Oakville ON

“…Ingrid’s enthusiasm for Science Fair has been contagious. … Every school she has been at has participated in Science Fair. Even when she moves to a new school … students continue to attend from those schools.”

“…has been one of the biggest advocates for the fair in Halton Board”

“…I would not be where I am today `{`Stanford University`}`, blessed with the opportunities at my avail if Ms. Munson had not opened my horizons many years ago. I am tremendously grateful for the impact that she has had on my life and interest in science, technology, and innovation.”

“…resourcefulness and genuine excitement for science education”

“… continues to foster a growing generation of students invested in science research”

“…incredibly enthusiastic and encouraging of exploratory learning”

2013 Inductee

Rebecca Kahama, 2013 Champion Teacher

Dr. Rebecca Kahama

King's Christian Collegiate

``one of the finest teachers I know who is truly committed to her job and the well-being of her students and their education.``
``spends an exorbitant amount of time providing resources and guidance for her students..stays late, sacrifices lunches, and works around each student's schedule to provide amazing opportunities and support.``
``in 3 years of Dr. Kahama taking our students to BASEF...it became highly esteemed and something our students began to anticipate...we have been a champion school 2 years in a row.``
``her efforts need to be rewarded for her hard work and her dedication; she is honestly one in a million.``
``all the students at our school attending BASEF can agree that we wouldn't have been able to do it without her.``

2012 Inductees

Beth Heska, 2012 Champion Teacher

Beth Heska

Oakville Christian School

“works extremely hard each year to put on our school's fair and to prepare for BASEF.”
``her dedication to each and every child.``

``her constant hard work and passion for teaching science comes through in all that she does and her smile and genuine love for teaching show everyday.``

``has helped the grade seven and eight classes to develop projects that will benefit the world around us.``

Clive Shepherd

“was founder of Ancaster Meadow Intermediate Science Fair 2010 and mentor to two other staff regarding fair.”

“his science class students have improved in science drastically this year – I saw so many Level 4’s at our school fair.”

“Mr. Shepherd’s has been talking and raving about BASEF – the opportunity, the experience…”

“served as a volunteer judge BASEF 2006 to present.”

Clive Shepherd, 2012 Champion Teacher

2011 Inductees

David Bortolussi, 2011 Champion Teacher

David Bortolussi

Sir Wilfred Laurier School,
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board

“…has sacrificed his time to his students to ensure that each student has a chance to accomplish as much as they can.” “…encourages his students to attend BASEF through examples of positive awards as well as through the fact that all students he chooses to represent the school in BASEF wish to give back to him by winning the best school award.” “…deserves to be recognized for the work he puts into each day, to help each person.”

Lisa Grant

St. Augustine Catholic Elementary School,
Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board

“… is the students’mentor, resource person and their biggest fan which goes a long way to boosting the confidence of her students.” “…runs a very large fair at St. Augustine that is well organized and she involves high school, college and university students, parents and community members as judges.” “…has created a reputation for excellence in this area that goes beyond our community.”
Lisa Grant, 2011 Champion Teacher
Annette Vanderwoerd, 2011 Champion Teacher

Annette Vanderwoerd

Trinity Christian School, Burlington

“… showed a passion for organizing our school’s science fair … I could really tell that she loves what she does!” “… took time out of her own lunch breaks to interview each student to make sure they were on the right track.” “…encouraged everyone that was able too, to sign up for BASEF.”