17 May 2021

CWSF 2021 Virtual Fair


The Canada Wide Science Fair, 2021, will be a virtual fair.

Updated November 19, 2020:

Planning for CWSF 2021 is underway. YSC has announced that the CWSF 2021 will be a full fair with an Ottawa flavour. This means an all inclusive event including the opening event, judging interviews, virtual social activities,  awards ceremony, and more. And of course there will be lots of medals, awards and scholarships to be won.

Team BASEF will be showcasing their work at CWSF 2021, a long tradition extending back to the very first CWSF in 1962.

Check out the BASEF blog for more information on the BASEF plans We will be registering 17 projects for CWSF 2021.

Details of the fair are still being ironed out so check the YSC website for the most up-to-date information. As we learn more BASEF will post updated information on our website basef.ca.


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