D23 : Rhizomediation of Used Motor Oil Contaminated Soil by Microbes Using Switchgrass, Panicum sprinkles

Students Nidhi Sarkar
School HWDSB - Dundas Valley Secondary School - Hamilton
Level Senior 11/12 - Grade 11
Group Group 6 - Life Sciences
Abstract Used motor oil is a common and toxic soil contaminant. Rhizosphere soil microbes are known to degrade hazardous organic compounds while maintaining a mutualistic relationship with plant roots. The effects of microbial amendments are seen on germination and growth of Panicum sprinkles across varying concentrations of used motor oil. Intuitively, the soil treatment that supports the best germination and growth, should best remediate the contaminants.
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Group Award Prize
Merit AwardsSilver Merit Award$ 80
Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers - Hamilton Section AwardsSTLE Tribology/Friction Reduction Award$ 250