J17 : Water temperatures and how they our affecting our environment.

Students Cameron Williams-Habibi
School IND - Hillfield Strathallan College - Hamiltion
Level Junior 7/8 - Grade 8
Group Group 2 - Engineering and Computing I
Abstract The purpose of my project was to find an alternative way to lower water temperatures. I did this by making innovation that uses water circulation (from the bottom of the ocean) to cool water temperatures. The circulation device was made by attaching two containers together and circulating the water with one container with room temperature water and one with cold water (to imitate the top and bottom layers of the ocean). Then I tested the temperatures between room temperature water and the water in my innovation. I also found research on what would happen to aquatic habitats that contain many types of species (like reefs) if the water temperatures increased, and what has happened already.
Project Video N-A