M05 : What are microplastics doing to our environment

Students Sophia Kilgannon
Jana Isaac-Huff
School HCDSB - St. Andrew Elementary School - Oakville
Level Junior 7/8 - Grade 8
Group Group 5 - Health Sciences II
Abstract The purpose of our experiment is to show how oceans carry multiple microplastics that keep piling up. Using clean & clear facial exfoliating cleansers we extracted the microplastics to then find almost 5 in only one tablespoon. With this information people can find out how much microplastics are dumped daily/monthly. Using this method we are going to pour the micro beads into a clear container with unfiltered water. This will show how much the plastics colour and pollute the water/ocean. The purpose is to show us that tiny little 1 mm decaying plastic particles can affect wildlife and our earth greatly.
Project Video N-A