N04 : Thermohaline Circulation- Affected by Global Warming

Students Hamna Salimi
School HDSB - Garth Webb Secondary School - Oakville
Level Intermediate 9/10 - Grade 9
Group Group 1 - Earth and Environmental
Abstract The purpose of my project is to have a deeper understanding of climate change and effects we are facing today. To do so, my project will be focusing on one effect - how the Thermohaline Circulation is affected by global warming. The goal of this project is to understand this ocean driven circulation, and how it could potentially affect our future.
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Group Award Prize
International Science & Engineering Affiliated Fair AwardsAmerican Meteorological Society Awardcertificate
Merit AwardsBronze Merit Award$ 60
Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic SocietyCanadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) Award$ 75
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