G10 : Colorimetric Analysis of Manganese and Nickel in Carbon and Galvanized Steel

Students Arianna Mastrolonardo
School IND - King's Christian Collegiate - Oakville
Level Intermediate 9/10 - Grade 10
Group Group 8 - Physical and Mathematical
Abstract The purpose of this study was to find the concentration of manganese and nickel in carbon and galvanized steel. This is essential to study, to ensure there are sufficient levels of these alloys in both steels, specifically galvanized steel. This is because with the addition of a zinc coating on galvanized steel, it is possible that the values of alloys are compromised. Without the correct percentages of alloys, infrastructure, such as bridges and buildings, as well as other aspects of daily lives could be impacted. Important to consider is that stainless steel is strong and can resist corrosion. Both carbon and galvanized steels must compete with the corrosion resistant, stronger, yet more expensive stainless steel in the steel market. There is a possibility that alloy values in carbon and galvanized steel can be reduced to create an even cheaper product.