M04 : Usage of Waste Plastics in Steel Making

Students Ruhan Soni
School IND - Hillfield Strathallan College - Hamilton
Level Junior 7/8 - Grade 8
Group Group 1 - Earth and Environmental
Abstract Background: Plastic pollution is a global challenge that requires immediate action. Less than 9 per cent of plastic used in Canada gets recycled. Every year, Canadians throw away over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste. About one-third of the plastics used in Canada are for single-use or short-lived products and packaging. In fact, in Canada, up to 15 billion plastic bags are used every year and close to 57 million straws are used daily. Problem: In Canada, only an estimated nine (9) percent of plastic waste is recycled, four (4) percent incinerated with energy recovery, eight six (86) percent landfilled, and one percent leaked into the environment. Impact: The current ways in which plastics are managed throughout their lifecycle is threatening Canadian ecosystems, ends up in our landfills and incinerators, litters our parks and beaches, and pollutes our rivers, lakes, and oceans, entangling and killing turtles, fish, and marine mammals. Through my project, I would like to research and understand : Sources of Waste plastics Type of Waste plastics and Recycling plastic Wastes Usage of Waste plastics in Steel Making If waste recycled plastics can be used in steel making, it will support the 2030 goal of the Canadian government to increase energy from incineration to 22% from 4%.
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Group Award Prize
Association for Iron & Steel Technology Northern Chapter AwardsAssociation for Iron & Steel Technology Northern Chapter Award$ 100
Merit AwardsSilver Merit Award$ 80