G13 : An Innovative Solution to the Plastic Problem

Students Julia Xu
School HDSB - White Oaks Secondary School - Oakville
Level Intermediate 9/10 - Grade 10
Group Group 7 - Physical and Mathematical
Abstract Plastic products, ones made from polypropylene in particular, are very common in our everyday life, from straws to grocery bags, but they are very difficult to dispose of due to their complicated molecular structure which inhibits natural biodegradation. Oxidation leads to the degradation of polypropylene's strong carbon-carbon bonds, which would make it easier to break down. In this procedure, polypropylene samples were submerged in a solution of iron sulfate and hydrogen peroxide of varying concentrations, which is commonly known as Fenton’s Reagent, to oxidize the samples.
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Group Award Prize
Hillfield Strathallan College Awards of ExcellenceHillfield Strathallan College Awards of Excellence - Physical Sciences Award$ 100
Merit AwardsSilver Merit Award$ 80
BASEF Inspiration Student AwardsBASEF Inspiration Student Award$ 500
International Science & Engineering Affiliated Fair AwardsASM Materials Education Foundation AwardRibbon and certificate