C07 : The Effects of Music on Our Bodies

Students Chloe Liu
Sienna Karadza
School HCDSB - St. Andrew Elementary School - Oakville
Level Junior 7/8 - Grade 8
Group Group 6 - Health Sciences I
Abstract The purpose of our experiments is to determine if music has a positive or negative effect on our bodies. There are so many genres and types of music out there and we wanted to find out which is most suitable for different types of people. For example, the loud and harsh sound of rock music might not be the best type of music for everyone. We would like to inform people of our findings because music has become such an important part in our lives and we wanted to find out if music is not just a pleasurable and enjoyable way to relax. We should all be aware of the effects of music and that is why we wanted to research further. We think that music actually has many beneficial effects and we wanted to test that ourselves.