G11 : Optimizing the Depolymerization of PET Fleece Microplastics through Microwave Irradiation

Students Rya Adronov
School HWDSB - Westdale Secondary School - Hamilton
Level Intermediate 9/10 - Grade 9
Group Group 7 - Physical and Mathematical
Abstract The purpose of the project is to apply and optimize methods of chemically recycling polyethylene terephthalate (PET) previously used for water bottles to depolymerize fleece microplastics, in order to combat PET microplastic pollution generated by the laundering of fleece garments.
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Group Award Prize
Dr. Colin J.L. Lock Memorial Chemistry AwardDr. Colin J.L. Lock Memorial Chemistry Award$ 100
Merit AwardsGold Merit Award$ 100
Grand AwardsBASEF 60th Anniversary Pinnacle Best in Fair$ 1000
Grand AwardsDrs. Ranjan Sur and Monalisa Sur Award
ISEF Trip AwardsISEF Trip Award$ 500
Hillfield Strathallan College Entrance Scholarship Award Hillfield Strathallan College Entrance Scholarship Award$5,000 Entrance Scholarship
Primary Fluid Systems AwardsPrimary Fluid Systems Award$ 100
International Science & Engineering Affiliated Fair AwardsU.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) AwardCertificate & Social Network Media Kit