A07 : Do Grounded Aircrafts Impact The Temperature?

Students Katherine Ninos
Daria Ninos
School HDSB - Oakville Trafalgar High School - Oakville
Level Senior 11/12 - Grade 12
Group Group 1 - Earth and Environmental
Abstract The purpose of this project is to understand, and evaluate the environmental impact of aircrafts grounding on air temperature. Throughout the spring and summer of 2020, we came to a noticed that the air temperature was significantly warmer on a daily basis and it was sunnier almost everyday. Since the planes were grounded in the months between March - August due to COVID-19 pandemic, we predicted that the air temperature would increase. The possible explanation for it is that aircraft emissions were reduced and the condensation contrails were minimal when the airplanes were grounded causing global warming affect. Therefore, through research and analyzing graphs, we wanted to see if the weather in 2020 was due to the planes being grounded.