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Group 9B - Physics II

# Title Students School
F02 Expansion of the Cosmos part 2 Isabella Lopes
Bishop Ryan Secondary School
HWCD (Hanon)
F13 Investigating the Effect of Light Color on Solar Cell Voltage Output Nabira Rashid
Maithili Rastogi
White Oaks Secondary School
HDSB (Oakville)
G02 Angles of refraction: Snell's law put into action Jayden Vu
Luke Timmins
Our Lady of Victory Elementary School
HCDSB (Milton)
G06 How does the geometry and texture impact the stability of tires under extreme weather conditions Yuyang Qin
Jiaqi Wang
Hillfield Strathallan College
IND (Hamilton)
G07 Advancing Astrophysical Insight: Multi-Survey Data Integration for Redshift Accuracy and Large-Scale Carmen Teng
White Oaks Secondary School
HDSB (Oakville)
G08 HotWheels and Aerodynamix Safirun Nabi
HWDSB (Hamilton)
G09 How Does the Size & Shape of a Baseball Park Affect Batting Averages? Carlo Ongking
MacLachlan College
IND (Oakville )
G12 Magnetic Levitation Cohen Pietryszyn
Rolling Meadows Public School
HDSB (Burlington)
G15 The Double-Slit Experiment Nayune Kim
Katelynn Liu
Charles R. Beaudoin Public School
HDSB (Burlington)
G18 Guitar Strum Test Bhav Vivek
Arohee Patel
W. H. Morden Public School
HDSB (Oakville )
H05 Can I convert static electricity to current electricity Neil Harrington
Justin Fedsin
HWDSB (Hamilton)
J15 Chaos, break the wave! Jonathan Vidican
St. Mary Elementary School
HCDSB (Oakville)
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