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Group 1 - Earth and Environmental

# Title Students School
A01 The Effects of Artificial Light on Marine Life Joanna Zeng
Suvi Kakan
Munn's Public School
HDSB (Oakville)
A08 The Effects of Sodium Chloride on the Reproduction of Lemna Minor: A Model for Road Salt Run-Off Katelyn Johnson
Westdale Secondary School
HWDSB (Hamilton)
L06 Carbon Farms - A Futuristic Solution to A Current Problem Naga Shruthika Ravulapati
Hawthorne Village Public School
HDSB (Milton)
L09 Analyzing Cosmic Light Pollution by Comparing Different Coloured Filters Rida Salimi
Garth Webb Secondary School
HDSB (Oakville)
L11 Coral Reefs and the Kellwasser Event: Unraveling the Devonian Extinction Mystery Tristan Barkman
Home Schooling
IND (Brantford)
L14 Assessing the Need for a United Nations' Space Sustainability Goal William Johnson
Westdale Secondary School
HWDSB (Hamilton)
L15 Alumify Anaum Farhan
Alishba Fayyaz
Rattlesnake Point Public School
HDSB (MIlton)
L16 Modeling Sea Surface Salinity and Temperature Impact on Phytoplankton & Whales: Canadian Atlantic Daksh Srivastava
Pilgrim Wood Public School
HDSB (Oakville)
L18 Zinc Absorption by Plants: A Phytoremediation Approach Joy Elraheb
King's Christian Collegiate
IND (Oakville)
L20 SODIS in Canada 2 - Works With Global Warming, too! Filip Veljkovic
Corpus Christi Secondary School
HCDSB (Burlington)
M04 To Vegan or Not to Vegan: Are we killing the planet? Agrin Matloubiaghdam
Dr. David R Williams
HDSB (Oakville)
M06 Alien Plants Lucy Hume
Alivia Hill
St. Clare of Assisi
HWCD (Stoney Creek)
M14 Light Pollution Katherine Prokipczuk
Ancaster Meadow
HWDSB (Ancaster)
M16 Where should we Terraform? Arav Muthy
Jace Kang
Hawthorne Village Public School
HDSB (Milton)
M17 Detect and Protect Nyawira Wamatu
Ella Evers
Rolling Meadows Public School
HDSB (Burlington)
M19 Removing Pollution feat. Bacopa monnieri Bohmie Song
Westdale Secondary School
HWDSB (Hamilton )
N01 Harmony in Glass: Building a Bioactive Terrarium Fola Olumide
Simon Lee
Our Lady of Victory Elementary School
HCDSB (Milton)
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