BASEF is affiliated with Youth Science Canada (YSC) and the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), and because of this our rules, policies and forms must also incorporate the forms of these other organizations.

Most projects will only require the BASEF Consent Form to be completed.  However, projects that involve Human Participation (even just the testing on student experimenter themselves), or Animals/Animal tissues, or Hazardous Materials, will require additional “Scientific Review” Forms.

Science Fair Participation Forms Required

To determine what forms you will need in addition to the BASEF Consent Form, you will need to first take a look at the Rules that apply to your Grade Level, then use the appropriate “Rules Wizard” online questionaire, and finally consult the Forms Checklist for your Level:

Junior Level (Grade 7/8)

Intermediate/Senior Level (Grades 9-12)


NOTE: Some forms must be completed and signed BEFORE you start experimenting, especially if you are using people or animals in your research!!! To help determine what forms you may require, check out the Rules pages for your level or see our Rules overview.  Keep any required forms safe and bring them with you to the fair.

Once registration opens in February, you will need to complete the Online Registration.  

You may be asked to fax or email us copies of your project forms, in which case we would need to receive them before you arrive for project setup.