Mark your Calendars

BASEF 2024

March 21st to March 26th, 2024

Hillfield Strathallan College

Awards Ceremony, March 26th, 2024,

Mohawk College McIntyre Performing Arts Centre

This page is designed to assist Parents and Mentors in understanding the BASEF rules and eligibility requirements, and to provide resources to help students be successful with their Science Fair projects.


The Bay Area Science and Engineering Fair is a competition to all grade seven through twelve students from Hamilton, Halton Region, Haldimand County, Norfolk County, Brant County and Six Nations. Students may attend any public, separate or private school or be home schooled. Participants must be under the age of 21 before June of the BASEF year.

For a full list of BASEF rules regarding Eligibility and Registration, see Eligibility Rules.


Each student’s Parent/Guardian must consent to the student’s participation in the Fair.

Expectations for Parents/Guardians and Student Participants

Parents/Guardians are responsible for the Student’s transportation to and from BASEF, and the Parent/Guardian and the Student must take joint responsibility for pickup arrangements. Deviation from these arrangements should only be of an emergency nature that has been communicated with Teachers and/or BASEF organizers. BASEF organizers will dismiss students from activities at the times stated in the Schedule of Events with the expectation that students will then follow their Parent/Guardian’s instructions for safe pickup and transportation.

Regarding conduct during BASEF, students are expected to attend all scheduled BASEF events. It should be stressed to students that they are to stay with their designated group at all times until dismissed, and follow the instructions of the BASEF activity organizers.

BASEF Trip Awards – Consent and Travel Documents Requirements

The BASEF Grand Awards include trip awards to travel to and compete in the Canada Wide Science & Engineering Fair and the International Science and Engineering Fair. Each winner’s Parent/Guardian must consent to allow him/her to journey to these fairs with delegates/chaperones of the BASEF organizing committee’s choosing. Intermediate/Senior Students (Grades 9 to 12) must have valid travel documents to be eligible for the BASEF International Trip awards. Canadian citizens must have a valid passport; other residents require various forms of valid travel documents for travel to the United States. More information is provided on our Trip Awards page.


Ethics Statement: Scientific fraud and misconduct are not condoned at any level of research or competition. Such practices include plagiarism, forgery, use or presentation of other researcher’s work as one’s own and fabrication of data. Fraudulent projects will fail to qualify for competition in BASEF, CWSF or the ISEF.

Where to Start?

Parents and Mentors and encouraged to read the Getting Started – Students page to understand the rules and forms that may be required, and also to see some of the resources available to students to help them to get started.

Make sure that your Students Register for BASEF on time. Check the event calendar for the registration dates.  Late Registrations cannot be accepted.

Resources and Links

Parents and Mentors may find the following resources and links useful: