Rules for Junior (Grades 7/8) Projects

If your project involves Humans, Animals, or Hazardous items, you may be required to have certain permissions ahead of time, and/or additional supervision, and/or required forms. Read the rules listed above, use the Rules Wizard, and check out our Forms Listing.

Step by Step

The following should give you an idea of what order to proceed with the steps involved in your Science Fair Project:

  1. Pick your topic. Possibly the most difficult part, but check out the Science Success! handbook and our Project Resources page.
  2. Research your topic. Learn more from the internet, the library, your science teacher, and other resources.
  3. Check out the Rules. Use the “Wizard” questionnaires listed above for Junior and High School projects to determine the rules and forms you will need.
    Some projects may need approval in advance from your teacher or school, and some projects may also need to be conducted in appropriate facilities or under scientific supervision.
  4. Make a Time Table and Plan your Experiment.
  5. Consult with your Adult Supervisor and Get Required Approvals.
  6. Conduct your Experiment. Keep detailed notes of every experiment and measurement, track your data in a journal or log book.
  7. Analyze your Results.
  8. Draw Conclusions, and write up your results.
  9. Parent/Guardian must consent to each student’s participation in the Fair.
  10. Register for BASEF on time. Check out the event calendar for the starting date for Online Registration. Make sure to record your Registration ID number.
  11. Use the Rules Wizard and the Forms Listing to determine which forms you need for your project.  Keep your forms in a safe place, and bring them with you to the fair.
  12. The Registrar may request that you fax or email us your project forms before the fair.  If we request your forms and do not receive them before the fair, then your project will be disqualified and you will not be permitted to display it.
  13. Prepare a project backboard for display at the Fair with your project details. Pay attention to all the Display and Safety Rules involved!
  14. Print out the BASEF Consent Form – students and a parent/guardian must sign this form and bring it with them to registration when they arrive for project setup.
  15. See you at the Science Fair!