Special Awards are donated by families, individuals, companies, organizations and groups to recognize deserving projects that deal with topics of interest to the donor.

Artistically Inspired Display Awards

Two awards of $50 for projects with the most artistically inspired display.

Association for Iron & Steel Technology Northern Chapter Awards

Two awards for outstanding projects related to one of the following fields: metallurgy, materials science, chemical, electrical, mechanical, industrial, environmental, civil and computer engineering.

Bay Area Health Trust Scholarship / Paul Lakin Life Sciences Award

A $1,500 McMaster Scholarship awarded to an outstanding grade 11 or 12 project in the Life Sciences category demonstrating scientific excellence. Pair project will split the scholarship. Award to be redeemed upon acceptance and registration into any undergraduate program at McMaster University, Hamilton, ON.

Dr. Laura Blew Social Sciences Awards

Two awards of $100 for the best two Social Science based projects.

Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (Hamilton Branch) Awards

Two awards of $100 for outstanding projects relating to mining, metallurgy and petroleum.

Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society

An award of $150 for an excellent project in Meteorological and/or Oceanographic Sciences (weather, air quality, climate, climate changes and /or the oceans).

Canadian Nuclear Society (Golden Horseshoe Branch) Awards

Two awards of $125 each for intermediate or senior projects and two awards of $75 each for junior projects relating to nuclear science and engineering, energy research or climate sciences.

Doris Casey and Gwen Nicolls Disability Solutions Awards

Two awards of $100 for projects showing the most innovative and creative technical solution focused on assisting individuals to overcome physical or cognitive disabilities.

Chemical Institute of Canada – Hamilton Section Awards

Three awards of $100 for the best three projects related to chemistry, chemical engineering, or chemical technology.

Conservation Halton Awards

Two awards of $100 for projects that contribute to environmental research, protection, conservation, restoration or awareness by Halton students.

Michael G. DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research Awards

Excellent senior projects in infectious disease, drug discovery or human health.

Dillon Consulting Awards

Two awards for projects showing scientific excellence

Dr. M. Doyle Award

$250 for the best Biology project.

Electrical Construction Association of Hamilton Award

Two awards of $250 for projects displaying the best and safest use of electricity in the most creative manner.

Environmental Inspiration Award

$250 for the best environmental project that addresses an environmental problem in an inspirational or innovative way.

Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Awards

Research Awards

Two awards of $250

Gowling WLG Innovation Awards

For projects best demonstrating potentially patentable subject matter. Grand Prize is $300 and also includes a complimentary consultation with a patent or trademark agent. Runner up receives $200.

Hamilton Academy of Dentistry Awards

$250 (First), $150 (Second), and $100 (Third) for Intermediate or Senior projects related to dentistry.

Third Place

A project related to hard tissues to prevent dental diseases.

Second Place

A project related to soft oral tissues to prevent dental diseases.

First Place

A project related to the prevention of Dental Disease and Decay.

Hamilton Amateur Astronomers Award

$200 for the best project demonstrating an understanding of a topic related to astronomy or physics.

Hamilton Chamber of Commerce Innovation Awards

$250 (First), $150 (Second), and $100 (Third) for the most deserving projects by students from Hamilton with potential commercial applications focused on improving our local environment, communities or quality of life.

Hamilton Pakistani Physicians Association

$250 (First), $150 (Second) and $100 (Third) for projects that demonstrate personal initiative and present an innovative solution.

Hillfield Strathallan College Awards of Excellence

Three Awards of $100

Life Sciences Award

For a junior project that best displays excellence in life sciences.

Physical Sciences Award

For an intermediate project that best demonstrates an understanding of the scientific process in the physical sciences.

Innovation Award

For a senior project that best displays innovation related to environmental sciences or biotechnology.

Hillfield Strathallan College Entrance Scholarship Award

A $5,000 entrance scholarship towards tuition fees to a grade 8 or intermediate project.

John W. Howard Materials Research Award

$100 for a project demonstrating innovation in engineering materials, especially concrete.

Indigenous Peoples of Canada Scientific Study Awards

$140 (First) and $80 (Second & Third) for projects that demonstrate the application of established scientific methods to topics relevant to the culture, heritage or issues of the indigenous peoples of Canada.

IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Hamilton Section Awards

Two awards of $100 for projects showing the best use of Electronics in a Science or Engineering project.

International Science & Engineering Affiliated Fair Awards

For deserving intermediate and senior projects

American Meteorological Society

For 2 projects that are limited to the atmospheric and related oceanic and hydrologic sciences.

American Psychological Association

For a project showing outstanding research in psychological science in the category of behavioural and social sciences or any category related to psychology.

ASM Materials Education Foundation

For the best materials engineering project.

Association for Women Geoscientists

For a project exemplifying high standards of innovation and scientific excellence in geosciences.

MU Alpha Theta

For a project with the most challenging, original, thorough and creative investigation of a problem involving mathematics.

Ricoh USA, Inc.

For an outstanding project that addresses issues of environmental and sustainable development.

Society for In Vitro Biology

For an outstanding Grade 11 project in the areas of plant or animal in vitro biology or tissue culture.

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

For an exceptional project that has the potential to make an impact on addressing international development challenges. Prize includes a Social Network Media Kit.

Yale Science & Engineering Association

For an outstanding Grade 11 project in computer science, engineering, physics or chemistry.

Dr. Colin J.L. Lock Memorial Chemistry Award

$100 for a project demonstrating the best application of chemistry.

Mahut-Brent Award for Women in Science and Engineering

$100 and a Giant Microbe for an outstanding project by a female student that demonstrates an excellent application of scientific thought and creativity towards a subject matter that the participant is passionate about.

McMaster University Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology Award

For an outstanding senior or intermediate project connected to chemistry or chemical biology.

McMaster University Dept. of Chemical Engineering & Chemical Engineering Club

For an outstanding intermediate or senior project demonstrating aspects of chemical engineering.

McMaster University Department of Materials Science and Engineering Awards

Three awards of $100 for projects displaying the best innovative use, design or testing of materials, one at each level.

McMaster University Faculty of Engineering Entrance Awards

Five $1,000 entrance scholarships for senior projects demonstrating excellence in science, technology, engineering or math, to be redeemed upon acceptance of admission to the Faculty of Engineering.

McMaster University School of Geography and Earth Sciences Awards

Two awards of $100

Earth and Environmental Sciences Award

For an outstanding project in Earth Science or Environmental Science.

Geography Award

For an outstanding project in geography or social science.

McMaster University Women in Engineering Entrance Awards

Two entrance awards of $1,000 for senior projects done by female students that demonstrate excellence in science, technology, engineering or math.

Mechanical Contractors Association Hamilton Niagara Award

$250 for the best engineering project at the intermediate or senior level.

Mohawk College Building & Construction Sciences Awards

Civil Engineering Award

For a project related to the field of Civil Engineering

Transportation Award

For a project related to planning, design, or operation of any transportation mode or facility

Building Sciences Award

For a project related to building sciences, building materials, or energy conservation in structures

Mohawk College Electrical Engineering Technology Awards

Computer Engineering Technology Award

For a deserving project in computer engineering technology.

Electrical Engineering Award

For a deserving project in electrical engineering studies

Energy Systems Award

For a deserving project in energy systems

Mohawk College Mathematics Awards

For deserving projects in mathematics or statistics, one junior and one senior level.

Mohawk College Computer Science & Information Technology Excellence Awards

For projects demonstrating a thorough understanding of computer application and design in today’s world.

Nelson Steel Awards

Two awards of $100 for outstanding junior projects related to two of the following fields: Steel, Environmental or Chemistry.

New Health Scientist Award

$50 for a worthy project at the Junior level showing good potential for improving the health of our community.

Nikola Tesla Innovation Awards

$250 (Gold), $150 (Silver) and $100 (Bronze) for projects which best display the most innovative application of the body of knowledge associated with Nikola Tesla’s work, and/or acknowledgement in the display of Nikola Tesla’s contribution by way of his work and inventions. Twelve Honourable Mention Awards of $50 for projects with electricity as a key element.

Oakvillegreen Conservation Association Award for the Environment

$100 for a project that best promotes understanding and stewardship of the environment.

Paul and Kary Harrison Chemistry Award

$100 for a project that has significant chemistry content.

Primary Fluid Systems Awards

Twenty Awards of $100 for outstanding projects in Earth and Environmental, Engineering or Physical Sciences categories.

Procor Engineering Awards

$150 (Senior), $100 (Intermediate) and $50 (Junior) for excellent engineering projects.

Rotary Club of Hamilton-East Wentworth Awards

$250 (First), $150 (Second) and $100 (Third) to the best Hamilton Core (Red Zone) school projects that display high academic achievement and strive to excel in science and technology.

Royal Botanical Gardens Award

For the best project in plant or environmental sciences. Prize is a one year RBG family membership and $100 gift certificate from the RBG shop.

Dr. Nicola Simmons Award in Cognition Studies

$100 for an exemplary project in cognition studies.

Society of Tribologists & Lubrication Engineers – Hamilton Section Awards

Two awards of $250 for projects that utilize the principles of tribology (friction, wear and lubrication) to solve a technical problem.

SPIE – The International Society for Optics & Photonics Awards

US$250 (First), US$150 (Second) and US$100 (Third) for projects in optics or photonics where students apply optics or photonics technology, techniques or principles to their projects.

Talkit.ca Computer Engineering Awards

$100 (First) and $50 (Second) for outstanding projects using computer electronics or software.

Ted Rogers Innovation Award

For a project that best demonstrates commercial potential.

University of Ottawa Admission Scholarship

$1,000 admission scholarship in the Faculties of Engineering or Science for a deserving senior project.

Venture Academy at McMaster University

2 scholarships, one for each of a junior and an intermediate project will be awarded. each to receive a one week scholarship to Venture Academy summer camp. Both students in a pair projects win a scholarship each.

BASEF Inspiration Student Awards

These awards have been created to generate interest and encourage participation in the Fair.

$500 to a minimum of 10 projects that win $250 or less in other cash prizes,that do not win a Grand Prize Trip Award, and that have not previously won a BASEF 500 Award or a BASEF Inspiration Award.

BASEF Inspiration Teacher Awards

$500 awarded to up to 9 NEW* teachers at BASEF. The teacher must have 2 or more projects displayed and judged at BASEF. The award is to be used in the classroom at the winning teacher’s discretion. *The winning teacher must NOT have participated at BASEF in the prior 5 fairs.