2020 Eric Romero-Sierra, Ancaster Meadow Elementary

Eric Romero-Sierra

  • 2020 Champion TeacherAncaster Meadow Elementary

“He pushes me to go further in projects and always encourages me and gives good feedback so I can do a better job the next time.”

“He is very supportive, and encourages students to always try their best. He always motivates students to attend BASEF, and helps to prepare them for the fair.”

“Every year Mr. Romero Sierra encourages his students to join the BASEF science fair. He tells us that we can win if we try and helps us in any way possible. He tells us that if we work hard and put in the effort anything is possible. Mr. Romero Sierra will always be there for you, no matter what. He helps students by staying in after and before school, and is always there to help.”

“Annually, Mr.Romero Sierra ensures that all his students are achieving more than they ever knew they would. His passion for science never fails to show and even rubs off on his fellow students.”

“Mr. Romero Sierra is an inspiration and I will always look up to him.”

“I feel as though this teacher deserves the recognition for all the hard work he puts in each year to ensure the encouragement and commitment of each and every one of his students. His inspiration, commitment and dedication never ceases.”