Sarah Flaherty 2018 photo

Sarah Flaherty

  • IISEF 2012, IISEF 2014

Sarah entered BASEF in grade 8 at Ryerson Middle School in Hamilton with her project about twins. Sarah has a twin brother and also has younger twin brothers. She won a trip to the Canada Wide Science Fair that year. In subsequent years, she entered BASEF several more times during high school at Westdale Secondary School. She won trips to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) and also won a $10,000 Google Prize at ISEF for her project improving low-resource water treatment systems.
Sarah graduated in 2018 from Neuroscience at Cambridge (England) on a full scholarship. Also in 2018, Sarah had a position in the European Space Agency’s Human Physiology in Space training program. She graduated from Oxford medical school in 2021 and is currently training in Anesthesiology at McMaster. While at Oxford, she assisted with sleep research in mice and humans, as well as hibernation research. She is interested in learning how the nervous system controls body temperature, sleep, and consciousness.