Susan Bouwer image

Susan Bouwer

  • 2019 Champion TeacherNorth Park Collegiate and Vocational School

“Many students want to participate in BASEF because of their genuine desire to learn and participate in practical applications of their knowledge, but also because of how accepting and interesting the community of science is at North Park Collegiate, a community which Ms. Bouwer has played a large part in creating”

“ Ms. Bouwer made science fun and interesting, memorable, challenging and rewarding yet doable, increasing confidence in the sciences for many students”

“She has enriched my high school science experience and given me support to learn skills I will carry throughout my career and life.”

“Mrs. Bouwer is an absolute champion of BASEF. Each year she takes on multiple projects as a teacher advisor and dedicates her time, money and energy into helping the students achieve and reach their own potential.”