Check all forms that apply for each project submitted.  Shaded block indicates forms that must be completed for all entries.

All Grade 9 to 12 Students must print, complete and have signed any applicable Scientific Review Forms. Use the ISEF Rules Wizard to help you to decide which additional Scientific Review Forms are required for your project.


Signed Scientific Review Forms should be kept with your project and brought with you to the fair, however we may request that you fax or email them to us in advance of the fair.  If we request for you to send us your project forms and do not receive them before the fair, your project will be disqualified and you will not be permitted to display.



Student 1

Student 2

Required Forms BASEF Consent Form [ ] [ ]
ISEF Checklist for Adult Sponsor) [ ]
ISEF Form 1A (Student Checklist) [ ]
Research Plan (see Form 1A) [ ]
ISEF Form (Abstract) [ ]
ISEF Form 1B (Approval Form) [ ] [ ]


Use the online ISEF Rules Wizard to help you determine which forms are required for your project.

ISEF Form 1C (Institution) [ ]
ISEF Form 2 (Qualified Scientist) [ ]
ISEF Form 3 (Risk Assessment) [ ]
ISEF Form 4 (Humans) [ ]
ISEF Form 5A (vertebrate research conducted in a school/home/field research site.) [ ]
ISEF Form 5B (vertebrate research conducted in at a Regulated Research Institution.) [ ]
ISEF Form 6A (Biological Agents) [ ]
ISEF Form 6B (Tissues) [ ]
ISEF Form 7 (Continuation) [ ]
Sample Informed Consent Statement [ ]
Read this information BASEF Safety and Regulation Checklist [ ] [ ]


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