Why Enter a Project?

  • Win one of 20 or more $500 prizes. – from a generous donation to encourage participation in science fairs! Awarded to a wide range of outstanding projects.
  • Win a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal and the cash prize that goes with it.
  • Win a Special Award for tackling a project on a topic that appeals to you – the list is amazing! Science, technology, engineering and math!
  • Win a free trip to compete in the national or international science fair.

Here Are Some Winners From Past Fairs

Katie won $1100 for her project on the future of prosthetics.

Angelina won $580 for her project on arthritis and First Nations people.

Eric and James won $580 for their project on designing a learning app for kids.

And There Are Prizes For Teachers Too!

Champion Teacher Awards – two $500 awards

Do you have an amazing teacher who helped you and your friends with your BASEF projects this year — nominate him/her for a Champion Teacher award. Nominations are done when you register your project Online registration is open from February 1 until March 1, 2021. Check out the details and register at http://basef.ca/registration.

New School Awards – $250 awards

Thanks to a generous donation, up to 18 teachers bringing new schools** to the fair can win $250!

** schools that have not had projects in BASEF for at least 5 years

Where do I start?

Are you Eligible?

BASEF is open to all students in grades 7 to 12 (under the age of 21) who:

  • attend a public, separate, or private school, or who are home-schooled,
  • in the City of Hamilton, the Region of Halton, Six Nations, Brant County, Haldimand County or Norfolk County.

Don’t live in the area? Then find a fair near you at the YSC Fair Locator.

Where Do I Begin?

Wondering where to begin? Have an idea and are not sure where to go with it? Check out these resources:

  • The Science Success! student guide and workbook helps you learn about the scientific process while producing a well-designed project.
  • Check out the Project Resources page for links that will get you thinking, get you started, give you information about research methods, and provide hints and tips for your project.


What’s next?

Depending upon the type of project you are doing, and your grade level, there may be some special rules and restrictions on your project. If your project involves people, animals, or hazardous materials, you may need to get permission or review before you start work. There are some differences in rules and policies between Junior Level (Grades 7/8) and Intermediate/Senior Level (Grades 9-12) projects, so use the following links to get details for your level:


How will my project be judged?


Merit Judging

Four judges will review your project material and assign merit scores to your project. These scores determine who wins the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals which includes cash awards and scholarships. Check out the Awards page for more information on BASEF awards.


Special Awards Judging

Special Awards are donated by families, individuals, companies, organizations, and groups to recognize deserving projects that deal with topics of interest to the donor. Award donors review the project material of projects that meet the award requirements and choose the winner. The Special Awards page details the requirements for the special awards.


Judging Rubric

The Judging Rubric is used by the judges to guide the scoring of your project.

If you have any questions please contact the Judge in Chief at judging@basef.ca


When is BASEF 2021

Mark your calendars. BASEF 2021 will take place in March, 2021.

This will again be an online fair as Mohawk is not hosting live events at that time.

Registration will open in early February. Details will be posted on the website as they become available.

Registration Closes March 1, 2021

ISEF 2021 Virtual Fair

CWSF 2021 Virtual Fair

2021 Posters

Posters come in 3 sizes – tabloid (11″x17″), letter size (8.5″ x 11″) and a video format suitable for video displays.

Poster 1

11×17  8.5×11  Video 1080p

Poster 2

11×17  8.5×11  Video 1080p

Poster 3

11×17  8.5×11  Video 1080p

Poster 4

11×17  8.5×11  Video 1080p


2021 Bookmarks will be available here when they are ready.