The International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) is the highest level of Science Fair competition for High School students. High School students may compete to enter ISEF in one of two ways:

1) Through entry in BASEF. The top three high school projects that qualify will win a trip award to compete in ISEF.

2) Through application to Youth Science Canada’s “Team Canada” competition. Up to 20 students are selected by YSC for a trip award to ISEF.

Please also note that to be eligible for ISEF you must have all required documents and permissions to travel to the US (Passport, appropriate Visas, etc).

High schools students who enter BASEF are automatically considered to be eligible for ISEF; however, in a given year, students may only enter one competition for an ISEF trip award. This means that students that choose to pursue an application to YSC for “Team Canada” will not be eligible to win an ISEF trip award at BASEF. Please note the the precise definition of “entering the Team Canada – YSC competition”:

  • If you submit an application to Team Canada – YSC, satisfy all eligibility requirements (which includes final submission of the project for competition in March), you will not be eligible for consideration for an ISEF trip award through BASEF competition. You will, however, still be eligible to participate in BASEF and be considered for other awards, including CWSF (Canada-Wide Science Fair) trip awards.
  • If you submit an entry application for Team Canada – YSC Competition in December, but do not proceed to make the final submission in March, you are deemed not to have entered the Team Canada – YSC Competition and will be eligible to be considered for the ISEF trips awarded by BASEF.

Most high school students choose to compete for ISEF trip awards through BASEF. If you wish to apply directly to YSC for “Team Canada”, see the Team Canada Site for details. The deadline for Team Canada is usually in December.