Chantal Drolet

  • 2023 Champion TeacherMunn’s Public School – HDSB

“She was the one that first organized a science club for grade 7s and 8s at our school to prepare for BASEF.  She encourages us to attend BASEF to continue to foster a love in science and develop critical thinking skills. She also encourages us to participate and learn more in science.”

“I am honored to nominate my science teacher for the BASEF Champion Teacher Recognition Award. She has been an exceptional educator who has gone above and beyond to inspire her students. Her passion for science is contagious and has ignited a love for the subject in many of her students. Her teaching methods are innovative, and she consistently finds ways to make complex topics easier to her students. Her commitment to her students’ success is unparalleled, and she invests significant time and effort to ensure that each student reaches their potential. My science teacher has created a classroom environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and fosters learning. I have no doubt that her contributions to education deserve recognition, and she would be a deserving recipient of this award.”