The Grand Awards

The Grand Awards recognize the “Best of the Best”. They include the Best-in-Fair Pinnacle Awards and opportunities to compete at the Canada Wide Science Fair and the International Science and Engineering Fair. For more information on the Trip Awards see our Trip Awards Page.

The Merit Awards

Each year the judges award Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. These prizes include cash awards and scholarships. The Mohawk College and Sheridan College – Award of Excellence Tuition Scholarships, a $1,000 entrance award, is awarded to ALL students earning BASEF Merit Award Medals (Gold, Silver, Bronze). The scholarship may be used toward first year tuition upon the recipients’ acceptance and registration in any full-time program at either Mohawk College or Sheridan College. If multiple scholarships are accumulated over more than one year, only one of these scholarships may be used.

The Special Awards

A number of individuals, companies and institutions provide awards for projects that meet specific criteria. Last year, over 170 special awards, worth over $30,000, were won. See the complete list of special awards for criteria and prize information.

Participation Awards

All participants receive a variety of mementos of their participation at BASEF, typically including project photos, certificates, T-shirts, a “goody bag”, and, if staffing permits, the opportunity to attend our Activity Morning presentations.

Champion Teacher Recognition Awards

BASEF recognizes outstanding teacher support of students through the Champion Teacher Recognition Awards. If you know a teacher who meets the Eligibility Criteria (see below), and you would like to see them get recognized for their outstanding work, complete the online Champion Teacher Recognition nomination form when you register your project. Nominations must be submitted by the close of registration.


In the current BASEF year, eligible teachers must:

  • Be actively teaching in grades 7 through 12;
  • Have at least one student participating in BASEF in the current BASEF year;
  • Not be related to a BASEF Committee member.

NOTE: Teachers selected for this award are expected to attend the Award Ceremony at Mohawk College.

Selection Criteria: Nominations will be evaluated by the Champion Teacher Recognition Award Committee. The Committee will be composed of members of the BASEF Organizing Committee.