Thank you to all Merit and Special awards Judges, BASEF 2019 was extremely successful due to your participation. See you next year!

Science fairs provide a unique learning opportunity for students, teachers, and members of the community to explore science, technology and engineering, and to increase public awareness of science and the world we live in.

Though science fairs are generally a competition, they also provide opportunity for students to display their creative scientific activity beyond the classroom and in the world.

Philosophy of Judging

The judging official, a member of the scientific, educational or business community, is an essential piece of this experience. The onus is on the judge to provide an experience that is positive and enriching. The experience of judging contributes directly to the student’s learning experience as well as the judge’s.

All judging interviews should be a positive experience for each exhibitor. Most students enjoy the chance to talk about their project with someone both knowledgeable and understanding. This interaction may directly influence the future scientific/engineering interests of the student. The judge must be encouraging, positive, constructive in criticism, and should discuss future research possibilities with the student.

All students should be treated fairly in the amount of time given to them for interviews, and in the type of comments made. Judging is a challenging task and should be viewed as an individual process with each student. A student’s score should be graded independently, using their knowledge, comprehension and understanding as indicators of their mark.

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The Judge Training Sessions will be offered in March. Further information will be sent to registered judges when the dates and locations have been finalized.

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