**This year – BASEF 2020 – Judging day will be on FRIDAY March 27, 2020**

Merit Judges’ Schedule for Judging Day:

8:00 Judge’s Arrival with Coffee and snacks.
8:30 General welcome and introduction.
9:00 Category meetings with all judges and category chair persons.
9:30 Begin preliminary judging without students present.
11:30 Meeting with category chair person, discussion of preliminary judging.
11:45 Start of Judges’ luncheon.
1:00 Begin judging interviews with students present;
recommended judging interview time is 10 -15 minutes per project.
4:00 Judging interviews end.
4:00 Tally of scores and input scores into the BASEF data based, and report to Category chair person who will keep a record of your scores.
4:30 Submit Scoring sheets and resolve any Scoring issues with Category Chairs.

It is particularly important that all Judges be present before 8:30am to check in and receive their Judging Assigments. As well, all Judges must be present from 1:00pm to 4:30pm to participate in their scheduled judging times, and to record and reconcile their scores with the Category Chair at the end of the day.

NOTE – If for some reason you are unable to keep your judging commitment please contact the Judge in Chief as soon as possible, this is so that revisions and adjustments to other judges schedules can be made to ensure all students are judged equally.

Merit Judging Form:

Click here to see the current Judges Form.

Merit Judges Training Presentation:

All judges are encouraged to take advantage of the Judges Training presentations done in the weeks before the fair. The 2020 Fair training presentations will be scheduled early in 2020.

More information will be provided in the information emailed to all registered judges.

Click here to see the Judges Training Presentation.

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